Ideas for housewarming gifts

Housewarming gift

The selection of a housewarming gift should be approached carefully. It is best to listen carefully to the young couple beforehand to find out what they miss or what they are particularly excited about. If your relationship allows, you can ask directly. If you haven't prepared at all for this event, then we offer you whole lists of housewarming gifts.

It comes in handy in the home

Usually a young family rarely "has anything under their belt. Therefore, practical gifts are always appropriate. But here it is very important to present such items, which the newcomers definitely do not have, as in a double copy they are often useless.

The list of practical gifts:

  • A set of dishes: it can be pots, a tea set or cutlery. And if you decide to give a set of plates as a gift, then write on the box "anti-stress set. How to use: swing it and throw it against the wall!
  • laundry basket, preferably chosen in the style and color of the new tenants' bathroom;
  • clothes dryer is the thing, which is very useful in everyday life, but it is not purchased in the first place;
  • bedding, it can be both classic and with the image of a "twister" - let them play;
  • keychain, especially interesting decorated as a picture or a fire safety system;
  • kitchen appliances: steam cooker, multicooker, fryer, mixer or blender. Usually such gifts are given to women on their birthdays, which is unfair - after all, they both eat;
  • a stand for umbrellas or a shelf for shoes;
  • Climatic devices: barometer, humidifier and air purifier, a fan. Mark on the box "For a favorable climate in the family;
  • a blanket and pillows. The pillows can have the wings of an angel and a halo on one, and horns with the tip of the tail on the other, and they can also be connected in a puzzle with each other, or be colored with the names of their new owners;
  • an entrance mat with a funny inscription, such as "wipe my feet, I'm a wimp" or "Money magnet: you will wipe your feet, you will attract money," etc.

That your soul may be satisfied

Here is a series of gifts that are not so practical as to warm the soul or spice up the leisure time. In this case, it is important to know the preferences of the young couple who invited you.

  • For connoisseurs of expensive drinks a good gift would be a mini bar or wine set with an engraving of their names.
  • You can give glasses of different purposes: for juice, cognac, champagne, red wine, tequila, Irish coffee, etc;
  • single photo frames went out of fashion long ago, but there are beautiful compositions from the frames: a lot of small frames in a large one; lined up in a row in the form of photographic film; a tree, where instead of leaves small frames, etc;
  • coffee lovers can be pleased with a copper distillery, manual coffee grinder, coffee maker, and even a coffee machine;
  • board games, so that they have something to entertain their guests. We are not talking about checkers and chess, but more modern games: "7 Wonders", "Alias", "Uno", "Dixit", etc.;
  • floor cushions in the form of fruit, balls or hamburgers, so that there is a place for these guests to sit down;
  • a picture of the place where the young couple met for the first time, or a portrait of them together, commissioned from an artist;
  • tea ceremony fans can be presented with a special set of clay tableware and cauldrons;
  • a night light in the form of a flickering candle or with a projection of the starry sky on the walls and ceiling of the room.

Nice little things

Nice little things

Gifts don't always have to be big, because it's the little things that newcomers often forget first. If you decide to give them a modest gift, it can be:

  • A tablecloth, just write on the package "a tablecloth-item."
  • a small hanging basket with clothespins;
  • a set of clothes hangers;
  • flower pots in the same style but different sizes;
  • a ladle - it may be funny, but it's the one most often forgotten about;
  • scented pads, lamps, or sticks with a stand.

Symbolic gifts

By symbolic gifts we mean those that carry a certain meaning. These souvenirs can be associated with the beliefs of our ancestors, as well as with the trendy eastern trend of feng shui. Since the newlyweds may not know the "meaning" of such a gift, it is better to attach a postcard with explanations.

If we start from the traditions of the people, there can be such gifts:

  • table table - it was personified with God's palm, which gives the hosts food;
  • a coin was considered a symbol of prosperity, so it would be nice to give them a piggy bank in the form of a house, inside of which a coin is ringing;
  • A candle is a symbol of comfort and warmth, so you can present the young couple with two beautiful candles in candlesticks, so that the husband and wife will always be cozy and warm together. Candles can be bought ready-made or poured and decorated yourself;
  • A broom or a broom were considered "helpers" in cleansing the apartment of everything evil and unnecessary. You can present a small decorative broom as an amulet or a real broom, tying a beautiful bow of red ribbon on it (it brings beauty and love into the house);
  • A horseshoe is an irreplaceable amulet of dwellings in all ages. It can be a decorative horseshoe made of ceramic or wood, or a real blacksmith's work;
  • The plant has always symbolized life. It is considered that it brings peace and understanding to the family, but it is better not to present cacti to young people;
  • Honey symbolizes a sweet life, barley and rye symbolize a full life, bread symbolizes prosperity, salt symbolizes energy. Give the newly married couple this set in a beautiful wicker basket as a symbolic gift, and the basket will come in handy at home later on;
  • Deep dishes and a vase are associated with "a full bowl", but if you make such a present it would be good to fill it with something from the previous list of symbolic gifts, for example the vase with flowers, the sugar bowl with honey, the jars for cereals with rye and barley, and the clay pot with coins.

Feng shui dictates a slightly different choice of gift for a new apartment or house:

  • A small water fountain - a pledge that there will always be "money in the family."
  • a money tree or a toad with three paws and a coin in its mouth bring wealth to your home;
  • huge fans with pictures of pines and cranes represent a long life together;
  • a beautiful sand painting is also a good gift, as it helps newcomers to easily survive any difficulties in the relationship.

What if it's a housewarming party in a private home?

gift to a private home

Everything here is almost the same as before, only there are a few extra items:

  • A barbecue or grill to welcome guests into the yard;
  • a large swing into the yard as a bench;
  • a hammock or sun lounger for sunbathing;
  • solar-powered lights;
  • an inflatable pool.

What shouldn't you give?

  • Knives and scissors do not hold good positive energy, so they, like all piercing and cutting objects, can be safely crossed off the list;
  • clocks are believed to speed up the time of separation of the young;
  • Animals should also not be given as a gift if you are not sure that the new settlers want to have them. The young couple may be allergic or simply lack the desire to have that particular animal.