Gifts for the hunter dad

A gift for a hunter on his birthday can be memorable, practical and individual at the same time. Hunting is both a hobby, a sport and a way of life, so a gift related to any aspect of this fascinating pastime will be received with gratitude by the birthday boy.

Hunting outfit

For a gift to be not only useful, but also practical, it is better to know the preferences of the birthday boy in advance. For a close friend or family member who is fond of hunting, a good gift will be a special outfit:

  • camouflage winter or summer suit,
  • mosquito suit,
  • boots or boots,
  • cap,
  • gloves,
  • an off-duty vest with lots of pockets,
  • cape,
  • thermal insoles or thermal underwear for winter hunting,
  • thermal waistcoat.

A long stay in a variety of seasonal and weather conditions, movement in the woods, fields or marshes, immobility in the lodge requires a proven ammunition and equipment. Give a hunter a present of quality clothing or accessories and your gift will hit the target, because intensive use while hunting influences the quick wearing of outfit, and having a spare camouflage or gloves will never be superfluous.

Quality Accessories

binoculars gift

With modern accessories hunting will be more comfortable and productive, because every amateur and professional is pleased to return home not empty-handed, although most of the hunters have more sporting than utilitarian interest in this hobby. For a real hunter the most desired gift will be accessories that are necessary for those who are keen on this man's hobby:

  • a case for a gun,
  • pouch,
  • kits for cleaning and lubrication of guns,
  • scales for powder and shot,
  • powerful binoculars,
  • monocular,
  • telescopic sight,
  • rangefinder,
  • ammo pouch,
  • practical waterproof flashlight with rechargeable batteries.

Such a gift can be presented not only to a friend or colleague, but also to make sure that the gift is not just a memorable gift, but also constantly used by the birthday boy while hunting, it is necessary to know in advance the preferences of the birthday boy, the model or type of gun. If it is difficult to get reliable information, you should not refuse the idea of such a gift.

Almost any gun store can provide a gift certificate for any budget. Supplement a beautifully designed gift card from a specialty store with a small themed souvenir - and your birthday boy will be delighted. He will get two presents at the same time, emphasizing your attention to his favorite hobby - a practical and useful certificate, allowing to choose the necessary accessories or ammunition for a hunter himself, and a memorable souvenir.


A real hunting knife or machete will be a welcome and practical gift for a professional hunter or a novice amateur. Wide range of knives of different forms, types of blades, types of handles and finishes, in stylish covers or with a thematic decor allows choosing a hunting knife for any taste and budget. No less practical gift for the hunter will be a folding "Swiss" knife. Light, convenient and reliable, with plenty of additional functions and a beautiful, original design, such a folding knife will please every hunter.

A hunter who uses not only traditional but also modern accessories will appreciate high-tech equipment for his favorite hobby: a portable radio, navigator or video recorder with remote control, a wristwatch with compass, a waterproof and dust-proof case for a cell phone.

Hiking gear

A gift for a hunter for his birthday, related to the tourist aspect of this real man's hobby, will not only be useful and practical, but also help to make any kind of hunting more comfortable. High-quality, reliable and practical hiking equipment is a pertinent and pleasant gift for every hunter.

gift tent

The birthday boy will be glad to get as a birthday present modern items that are indispensable for creating comfort and convenience during the hunt and during the evening rest:

  • awning,
  • tent,
  • sleeping bag,
  • folding chair or chair,
  • picnic set,
  • folding grill,
  • skewers,
  • fixed lantern,
  • portable stove,
  • air mattress,
  • backpack,
  • survival kit,
  • mosquito lamp,
  • belt pouch.

A beautiful, durable thermos flask with ergonomic shape is a good gift for every hunter. Hot coffee or tea will warm you up and help to relax during your sitting motionless in the ambush and will brighten up the waiting time. A thermocap with a handy handle-clip, which can be attached to a belt or backpack will be no less pleasant and practical present. Such a gift is suitable for a hunter of any age and will be gladly accepted by both the boss and a close friend.

Take care of the hunter by giving him a handy thermal bag or thermal backpack to store products on his birthday. In hot and cold weather, this practical mini fridge will help to prolong the freshness and preserve the taste of products, and the light weight and durability will make the transportation of any content more comfortable for the hunter. Therefore presenting a hunter with a reliable lighter or flintlock you will make not only a practical but also a memorable gift, and if you add an engraving with wishes of good luck to the lighter - the birthday boy will be pleasantly surprised by the attention and care shown to him.

Flags and glasses - a memorable present and practical functionality

A steel flask will be a memorable and practical gift for a real hunter. Due to its durability it will serve its owner for many years, and the inert metal of the flask is suitable for storage of any kind of liquid - from the ordinary water to strong alcohol. The size and capacity of the flask is a matter of taste, as well as the material and decor of the casing. A stylish leather braid with a characteristic thematic drawing in the form of animals or birds, a one-piece case with an embossed and metal decor - a flask can look unique and luxurious, while remaining functional.

A set including a flask and metal glasses is a universal birthday present for every hunting enthusiast. Thematic decor, low weight, durability and reliability of such a set will allow the birthday child to use the gift during hunting trips for decades, causing pleasant memories.

Hunting souvenirs

Souvenirs with hunting themes are the most versatile gifts for every amateur or professional who is fond of such a manly hobby. Statuettes and figurines of animals made of different materials, paintings, wall or table clocks will decorate not only home collection, but also the office, giving it an individuality.

Souvenir weapons including guns, rifles, crossbows, bows and knives presented as a birthday present will please any hunter. Beautifully designed, richly decorated, such special souvenirs will emphasize the status and prestige of your favorite hobby, will become a real decoration of the house.

For more modern fans of this men's hobby pleasant and useful gifts would be notebooks, key chains or wallets with embossed patterns on the theme of hunting. No less successful as a gift - flash drives or key chains for keys with hunting symbolism, made in the form of weapons or animal figures.

And your colleague and boss, who are fond of hunting, will appreciate the gift for his birthday sets of glasses in the form of animals. No less a good gift will be a beautiful corkscrew made in the form of a gun, horn or animal, a bottle holder or a ceramic piggy bank, decorated in a hunting theme. These souvenirs will take pride of place on the shelves or in open cabinets, displaying memorable souvenirs that are dear to the heart of every hunter. Relevant and memorable gift for the hobby hunter will be gift editions, albums and books on a favorite topic.