Gift for coach

Gift for coach

Sport is a major element in life not only for athletes, but also for coaches, who make real stars out of them. Therefore, a gift for a personal holiday for such a person should be selected specific and useful.

A gift for the coach on his birthday

Your friend, boyfriend or acquaintance, who works as a trainer, has a birthday coming up. It seems that he already has everything sporty. And, like, sports is his main hobby. So what to choose? There are a lot of variants. And there are a lot of them!

Gifts up to $14

Simple gadgets, name accessories and other various gifts you can choose for the coach you know, if you are limited in money. This way you can give him a gift:

  1. A T-shirt with a funny inscription, in which it will be comfortable to work out and train.
  2. A personalized towel or a whole set.
  3. A foam mat for exercising at home or in the gym.
  4. Timer, stopwatch and whistle on a lanyard.
  5. A compact flask or water bottle.
  6. A set of herbal teas.
  7. A set of elastic bandages, you can even look for colorful ones.
  8. A set of containers for storing and carrying wholesome food.
  9. Dumbbells with locks.
  10. A mechanical hand counter.
  11. A set of grooming cosmetics from the athletic line.
  12. Cap or bini hat.
  13. A set of dried fruit for him to snack on during breaks.
  14. A trainer for women's pecs.
  15. A health CD, simple but entertaining and useful.

Gifts up to $40

In the medium price category you can afford to choose functional and technological gifts for the coach. Or certificates to stores, where he (or she) can buy something like that for himself or herself. Among the possible gifts for the birthday boy-trainer:

  1. Wireless sports headphone plugs.
  2. A gift certificate to his or her favorite sports store.
  3. A thermos cup with separate compartments for vitamins and supplements.
  4. A book related to the sport your coach is involved in.
  5. Tickets to a sporting event in the field in which he is engaged.
  6. A year's supply of his favorite brand of athletic socks.
  7. A certificate for one or more lessons in a sport other than his.
  8. A dumbbell-shaped alarm clock.
  9. A workout pillow.
  10. An anti-stress punching bag for his bedside table or desk.
  11. Roomy gym bag to carry your uniform.
  12. Shaker for mixing healthy smoothies.
  13. Backpack-transformer with wheels.
  14. An external battery pack to charge all the sports gadgets he uses.
  15. Chinning bar for installation in the doorway of the house.

Gifts of $40 and up

If you are ready to pick up an expensive gift, the first thing you will think of is specialized equipment. But you should not rush to buy it if you do not know and are not sure that it is really needed. In such cases - do not hesitate to clarify before you spend a large sum on the gift. That way you can give a gift:

  1. A sports watch with a waterproof case and different activity monitors.
  2. A waterproof and dust-proof player.
  3. Sports uniforms from a well-known brand (you need to be sure to know his size and preferences!).
  4. A variety of serious equipment, but only if you are sure of its necessity and have consulted the birthday boy.
  5. A GoPro type action camera with accessories for it.
  6. A set of protective equipment for mountain biking or extreme activity.
  7. A photo shoot from a professional photographer to capture the trainer in action.
  8. Mountain bike.
  9. A gift flight on the real helicopter or balloon over the city.
  10. Gyroscooter.

On the wedding day

The wedding day of your acquaintance or close coach is unlikely to do without mentioning his achievements and choosing sports gifts. But it is worth paying attention to those gifts that can be useful not only to him, but also his other half. Among the possible wedding gifts for the coach:

  1. A video or photo album with pictures and recordings from the coach's training and competitions.
  2. A wall clock made of vinyl record in the shape of sports equipment will take an important place on the wall of the newlyweds' home.
  3. A trainer to set up at home that will be suitable for both the newlyweds.
  4. A couple's certificate for some kind of outdoor activity (kayaking, skydiving).
  5. A fruit basket.
  6. A hammock to the room to relax after an active workout.
  7. Reduced basketball hoop for a trash can.
  8. Name star on stone with engraving touching both.
  9. Original themed poster printed on canvas.
  10. Paired aprons with the Superman emblem.

A token of appreciation

Did a coach you know do you some kind of favor? Or are you just so happy with your workout program that you can't help but want to gift your coach something? You can choose both functional items and original souvenirs, among which:

  1. A pendant on a chain in the form of kettlebells or dumbbells.
  2. Name wristbands or a bandage on the forehead.
  3. A case for business cards.
  4. A wrist expander or powerball.
  5. A gift certificate, medal or trophy in return for a service or assistance rendered.
  6. A day planner to keep track of training schedules and work plans.
  7. A calendar with famous athletes in his or her field.
  8. A matryoshka doll in the shape of athletes.
  9. A keychain in the shape of a whistle or matching equipment.
  10. A named shoe bag.

Regardless of the occasion, when choosing a gift for a coach, you should look out for sports items or supplies, because sports is really his whole life. And a means to an existence. Sprain gel, like wristbands, can't be too much!