Working out on the Corpus Christi Bay

Of course that is a Robert Earl Keen song too, but I have sort of lucked out and found a really good job working on the oil rigs out on the Corpus Christi Bay. You go out there for a week at a time and then you have a week off. We pretty much make a lot of money and then we turn around and spend it as quick as we can. Three of us went looking for apartments for Corpus Christi on the beach. We found a big four bedroom place on Whitecap beach and we have been doing just about all we can to get kicked out of the place since then. Obviously we have been drinking a lot and we have been doing our best to chase the girls on the beach. So far I have drank a lot of beer and gone through a number of paychecks, but I have not been as lucky with the young ladies of Corpus Christi. It is not like there are not plenty of them to pick from, but I just have not found the one for me.

In fact there are all sorts of girls all around here and a lot of them are really looking for something. It is pretty obvious, when a girl is off on holiday she is not going to act the same way that she would act back at home. No one is going to be around to tell all of her friends and her Mom and her Dad that she has been a naughty little girl. Still I just do not seem to be all that great at chasing girls, even when they are looking to get caught. I have to blame a good bit of it on the beer I guess, since it is not working like it should.