Our Employee Monitoring Policies Help Protect the Company and Our Employees

We closely monitor activity on every company owned electronic device that we let our employees use. We advise them in training that cell phones, tablets, computers and other devices are routinely monitored for activities that are infractions of company policy, decency and ethics codes and the law. We began after an employee was using a company computer to do something illegal. We looked at employee monitoring software reviews to choose the best software to use on all of our devices. We needed something that was easy to use for monitoring and worked on different platforms.

We established a strict compliance code with checks and balances of who would be doing the monitoring. Since it is easy to abuse communication devices if they are not monitored, we also knew it was easy to abuse the monitoring process. We have taken steps to make sure no information of routine and normal communications are used in a negative way against an employee or anyone the employee communicates with. We have even had incidents where a contact tries to get the employee to commit an infraction. As long as the employee responds according to policy, there is no problem.

One of the big things we had problems with was pictures, texts and social media. Our clear policies prevent any wandering into gray areas. The primary reason for employee monitoring is to prevent corporate espionage. The other reasons are to protect company and brand reputations. A single text or social media post can be blown out of proportion costing our company millions in revenue. We have seen it happen. Employee monitoring of their communications keeps them aware that there are consequences to decisions. We do not monitor personal communication devices owned by the employees, but we do require access to view what is posted on their social media pages. It is just a necessary thing in today’s world of instant communication.