Nice Million Dollar Carmel Listings

When my boss asked me to look at Carmel CA real estate properties and find several that he could look at, I got pretty excited. While I do make a decent wage with him, I am by no means a millionaire. On the other hand, he is! So, I knew that I was going to have fun looking at million dollar home listings for him. He and his wife have three young children, so I knew that he would want at least a four bedroom home. I was able to find a real estate website that has impressive listings in the Carmel area.

I was able to customize my search so it would only include homes that have at least four bedrooms. While there were a lot of really nice properties, there was one that really struck me as being the perfect one. It is right on the ocean, and it has a vintage look that I knew would appeal to my boss as well as his family. I was able to read about the location and school district, as I knew that would also be a top priority for my boss and his wife.

The pictures I was able to see of the home were amazing as well. It has a swimming pool, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a separate family room, a game room, a large patio, and so much more. I knew that it would be perfect for him, and my boss apparently agreed because he and his wife went to see it in person just a few days later. They made an offer on it, and they were finalizing the paperwork within weeks. Their kids love their new home, and my boss’s wife has told me that she is so thankful that he had me look at homes for them!