My Roommate Just Got Evicted


My former roommate really lost it last weekend. Of course the guy was never completely put together right, but he always came up with his half of the rent and he did not do anything weird enough to bug me so long as he did that. In fact his name is on the lease and they are going to evict him, because he did some weird stuff to this really hot girl who lives in the next unit. Right now I am thinking about moving to the Rio Rancho apts with this guy from work. He is in the same situation as I am, except that his roommate simply moved in with his girlfriend. I like the place since it is pretty close to where I work. In fact it is about half as long a commute as what I have now. Of course I was hoping for a warm weekend day, so that I could check out what it is like at the swimming pool. It certainly would not bother me if there were lots of pretty girls laying in the sun. Continue reading

A Chance Stop in a Great City Has Prompted Us to Think of Moving There


My husband and I were planning to vacation in New Mexico. We were traveling via car, so we needed to drive through Texas. We had never been in the state before. As we drove through it. We decided to make a pit stop in San Antonio, and found we really liked it. We even looked at a few apartment buildings like Stone Oak Apartments in San Antonio in a really beautiful area. We did this on a whim, but it really got the wheels turning in our brains. We are retired, so we do have the ability to pick up and move anywhere we want to and when we want to. The question was whether or not we should do it.

One of the things we really liked about the city is the local river walk. There are many stores and restaurants that are located on the water there. You can even hop in a boat and get from one end of the walk to the other by boat. At night, you can walk along the edges, and it is beautiful. Continue reading

A Genuine Paystub for Work Done


I don’t own my own business, but I still went online not long ago looking for a paystub generator. I live very comfortably, so I like to have certain things done for me. One of these is having my lawn taken care of. I know a lot of my friends go with well known companies in the area for any work done at their house, but I truly believe in helping the little guy, as long as he or she is qualified to do the work. When I was driving past a house not long ago, I was really impressed with how their lawn looked.

There was nothing fancy there like retaining walls or ponds and waterfalls, but there were flowers and shrubs placed just right, and the grass was lush and thick looking. I liked it so much that I stopped to see who did it. I was surprised when the couple who lives at the house told me that it was their son who handles it. I asked if he would be interested in doing mine for pay, and he readily agreed because he loves working with his hands outside. Continue reading

An Apartment for the Three of Us


When my wife decided to move to Florida for a job, our two daughters were emphatic about not wanting to go with her. It isn’t that they didn’t want to be with her but rather that they did not want to leave their friends and school. That was something that we both understood, and we supported their decision. It did mean that I had to look at three bedroom apartments for rent in Newark DE though. When they came to visit me, it was no big deal for them to stay in the den since it was usually just an occasional night now and again.

With them living with me full time, I wanted to give them each their own room, and I also wanted them to have their own bathroom. I looked at several different apartment complexes, but it was not until I started to look at Emblem that I found what I wanted. Continue reading

Our Employee Monitoring Policies Help Protect the Company and Our Employees

We closely monitor activity on every company owned electronic device that we let our employees use. We advise them in training that cell phones, tablets, computers and other devices are routinely monitored for activities that are infractions of company policy, decency and ethics codes and the law. We began after an employee was using a company computer to do something illegal. We looked at employee monitoring software reviews to choose the best software to use on all of our devices. We needed something that was easy to use for monitoring and worked on different platforms.

We established a strict compliance code with checks and balances of who would be doing the monitoring. Continue reading

Nice Million Dollar Carmel Listings

When my boss asked me to look at Carmel CA real estate properties and find several that he could look at, I got pretty excited. While I do make a decent wage with him, I am by no means a millionaire. On the other hand, he is! So, I knew that I was going to have fun looking at million dollar home listings for him. He and his wife have three young children, so I knew that he would want at least a four bedroom home. I was able to find a real estate website that has impressive listings in the Carmel area.

I was able to customize my search so it would only include homes that have at least four bedrooms. While there were a lot of really nice properties, there was one that really struck me as being the perfect one. Continue reading

Working out on the Corpus Christi Bay

Of course that is a Robert Earl Keen song too, but I have sort of lucked out and found a really good job working on the oil rigs out on the Corpus Christi Bay. You go out there for a week at a time and then you have a week off. We pretty much make a lot of money and then we turn around and spend it as quick as we can. Three of us went looking for apartments for Corpus Christi on the beach. We found a big four bedroom place on Whitecap beach and we have been doing just about all we can to get kicked out of the place since then. Obviously we have been drinking a lot and we have been doing our best to chase the girls on the beach. Continue reading