An Apartment for the Three of Us

When my wife decided to move to Florida for a job, our two daughters were emphatic about not wanting to go with her. It isn’t that they didn’t want to be with her but rather that they did not want to leave their friends and school. That was something that we both understood, and we supported their decision. It did mean that I had to look at three bedroom apartments for rent in Newark DE though. When they came to visit me, it was no big deal for them to stay in the den since it was usually just an occasional night now and again.

With them living with me full time, I wanted to give them each their own room, and I also wanted them to have their own bathroom. I looked at several different apartment complexes, but it was not until I started to look at Emblem that I found what I wanted. Some of the three bedroom apartments I looked at were nice, but they were just way too small. I wanted us to not run into each other every time we turned around, which is why I chose the apartment at Emblem over any of the others.

It has two large bedrooms at one end of the apartment with a bath in the middle of them. The closets in both bedrooms are really nice too, and they are big enough for everything the girls have. There is also a large living, a separate dining room and kitchen, and a laundry room. My bedroom is nice too, as it has a large walk in closet that will give us extra storage space along with my own private bath. There is even a nice patio off of the living room. When the girls and my ex saw it, they all agreed it was perfect for this next chapter in our lives.