A Chance Stop in a Great City Has Prompted Us to Think of Moving There

My husband and I were planning to vacation in New Mexico. We were traveling via car, so we needed to drive through Texas. We had never been in the state before. As we drove through it. We decided to make a pit stop in San Antonio, and found we really liked it. We even looked at a few apartment buildings like Stone Oak Apartments in San Antonio in a really beautiful area. We did this on a whim, but it really got the wheels turning in our brains. We are retired, so we do have the ability to pick up and move anywhere we want to and when we want to. The question was whether or not we should do it.

One of the things we really liked about the city is the local river walk. There are many stores and restaurants that are located on the water there. You can even hop in a boat and get from one end of the walk to the other by boat. At night, you can walk along the edges, and it is beautiful. There are twinkling lights above the walk, trees and a wonderful ambiance over all. You will see happy couples strolling along hand in and hand, happy children and all sorts of other people who look like they’re having a good time. We really liked it and had no idea that it was like that in Texas. It was very new and different to us.

We stayed the night in the city that night. We had not planned to, but we really wanted to explore some more the next day before moving on toward our final vacation destination. On our way back from New Mexico, we found ourselves staying overnight in Texas once again. During our second stay, we actually stopped by the Stone Oak to get more information. We loved the complex. We are now seriously thinking of moving there full time.