My Roommate Just Got Evicted


My former roommate really lost it last weekend. Of course the guy was never completely put together right, but he always came up with his half of the rent and he did not do anything weird enough to bug me so long as he did that. In fact his name is on the lease and they are going to evict him, because he did some weird stuff to this really hot girl who lives in the next unit. Right now I am thinking about moving to the Rio Rancho apts with this guy from work. He is in the same situation as I am, except that his roommate simply moved in with his girlfriend. I like the place since it is pretty close to where I work. In fact it is about half as long a commute as what I have now. Of course I was hoping for a warm weekend day, so that I could check out what it is like at the swimming pool. It certainly would not bother me if there were lots of pretty girls laying in the sun. Continue reading

A Chance Stop in a Great City Has Prompted Us to Think of Moving There


My husband and I were planning to vacation in New Mexico. We were traveling via car, so we needed to drive through Texas. We had never been in the state before. As we drove through it. We decided to make a pit stop in San Antonio, and found we really liked it. We even looked at a few apartment buildings like Stone Oak Apartments in San Antonio in a really beautiful area. We did this on a whim, but it really got the wheels turning in our brains. We are retired, so we do have the ability to pick up and move anywhere we want to and when we want to. The question was whether or not we should do it.

One of the things we really liked about the city is the local river walk. There are many stores and restaurants that are located on the water there. You can even hop in a boat and get from one end of the walk to the other by boat. At night, you can walk along the edges, and it is beautiful. Continue reading