Our Employee Monitoring Policies Help Protect the Company and Our Employees

We closely monitor activity on every company owned electronic device that we let our employees use. We advise them in training that cell phones, tablets, computers and other devices are routinely monitored for activities that are infractions of company policy, decency and ethics codes and the law. We began after an employee was using a company computer to do something illegal. We looked at employee monitoring software reviews to choose the best software to use on all of our devices. We needed something that was easy to use for monitoring and worked on different platforms.

We established a strict compliance code with checks and balances of who would be doing the monitoring. Continue reading

Nice Million Dollar Carmel Listings

When my boss asked me to look at Carmel CA real estate properties and find several that he could look at, I got pretty excited. While I do make a decent wage with him, I am by no means a millionaire. On the other hand, he is! So, I knew that I was going to have fun looking at million dollar home listings for him. He and his wife have three young children, so I knew that he would want at least a four bedroom home. I was able to find a real estate website that has impressive listings in the Carmel area.

I was able to customize my search so it would only include homes that have at least four bedrooms. While there were a lot of really nice properties, there was one that really struck me as being the perfect one. Continue reading